The Spotlight is on Strobing

So, Strobing is the latest make up technique that is taking the beauty world by storm. Some people may even say it is taking over contouring. Strobing is basically another term for highlighting, and is the exactly the same as contouring, just without the contour. The whole purpose of applying a highlighting product is to apply a shimmer onto the areas of the face that is naturally hit by light. You aren't creating something that isn't there, like contouring, your just enhancing your already beautiful features.
The best part of Strobing is that you can control the intensity of how dewy and glowing you want your make up to be. Obviously, the more you apply the more glowing and dewy you will look. It is always best to apply in layers and keep building it up until you are happy, remember it is easier to add product then take it away.
The main areas that the highlight should be applied to are the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin, middle of the forehead, and under the brow. Some people also like to apply a little shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes, which brightens and opens up the eye. There are both cream and powder highlighting formulas. However which one you should use all depends on what type of skin you have. If you have naturally dry skin then we recommend using a cream based formula, and for normal to oily type skin go for the powder.
Not that we are biased or anything but we have a pretty cool product that is perfect for this, the 'Strobing Stick'. We have created this product to be the one stop shop for all things highlighting. The shape and size of the stick means that you can easily apply the highlight wherever you like, with as much or as little product going onto the skin as you want. The creamy formulation means that it is so easy to blend and has just the perfect amount of shimmer in it to give you the ultimate cheekbones and dewy look.
Our Strobing Stick also works well used with either our Cream or Powder Contour Palette to get that extra glow, or even if you want to use the Strobing Stick as a highlighter when contouring.
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