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You’ve had it planned for months; the outfits, the hair, the line-up, the tent positioning...but when it comes to your makeup...it’s never as easy. Don't worry bae’s, we’ve put together a festival makeup 101 so that you can look 10/10 quickly, easily, and on a hangover.



Keep Your Base Buildable;


Flawless skin is the key to getting that that perfected makeup look. Use our Pigment Sticks for buildable coverage so you can go light for those campsite drinks and hard for those all-nighters!  



Palettes Make for Light Packing:

It’s always a struggle fitting 20 outfits, booze, midnight snacks and practically your whole life into a backpack. That’s why we always recommend a palette! Our Powder Contour Palette can snatch those cheekbones, bronze your skin, define your eyes and set your creams. Plus, it even has a mirror to compact that space! (Pun intended).



Shimmy - Shimmy Yeh


Is there ever a better excuse to be EXTRA than at a festival? Keep that skin glowing and that highlight on point with our Limited Edition Illuminator. Use on the high points of your face, on your body for those summer body goals, as an eyeshadow or even as a lipgloss, because why not be EXTRA AF?


Keep it Clean -


Let’s face it, keeping it clean at a festival is near impossible! Take our Brush Cleanser with you for on-the-go freshness and keep those brushes squeaky clean all week long.