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HD Blend Base Set


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Blend, buff & polish your base to flawless finesse - our next generation of makeup brushes has dropped! Packed with hundreds of bristles in a uniquely shaped brush head, HD Blend Brushes are perfect for applying and blending in any formula to create a ‘second-skin’ finish to your makeup look.

4 amazing cruelty-free brushes for HD skin – your best skin yet!


For the ultimate blended base, look no further then our HD Blend Base Set. These 4 hand-chosen brushes are uniquely designed to push base makeup into the skin and create seamless and perfectly beautiful looking skin. All makeup formulas are easy to apply with our bespoke brush handles.

  The HD Blend Base Set includes:

  1. Face Buffer: Use to buff in your base products
  2. Contour Buffer: Create a seamless and sculpted contour
  3. Baking: Apply baking powder with precision
  4. Nose Contour: For a seamless and sculpted nose contour


Spray our BRUSH CLEANSER onto the hairs of your brush.

Supporting the head of the brush, gently massage in circular motions onto a tissue or towel in the palm of your hand.

Keep cleaning hairs until no more residue comes off onto the towel.

Do not submerge in water.

If necessary, when finished, reshape the brush.

Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and brush will be cleansed, conditioned and ready to use again.

We advise gently cleaning your brushes on an absorbent towel after use to preserve your brushes and avoid build-up of product.


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