Smokey Eye Duo Kajal Eyeliner & Mascara

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Smokey Eye Duo Kajal and Enrich & Elevate Mascara bundle – your dream duo for enchanting eyes.

How to use

Create mesmerising eye looks by first using the Smokey Eye Duo Kajal to define and smoke out your lash line or create a precise winged look. Apply the chunky matte kajal for depth and the satin precision kajal for an intense, dramatic effect. Then, enhance your lashes with the Enrich & Elevate Mascara, starting at the base and wiggling the brush upwards for maximum volume and length. Finish off your look with our ICONIC favourites: a couple of drops of Illuminator to bring the GLOW, a sweep of Kissed By The Sun to reawaken your complexion and a spritz of Prep-Set-Glow to lock in your look – all day (and night) long.