Take 5-minutes of self care every morning and evening by incorporating our 360˚ Roller into your skincare routine. The perfect tool for creating your very own at-home facial massage, transform your skincare routine into a pampering spa treatment. Designed to loosen muscle tension, our 360˚ Roller massages effortlessly to provide instant relief and relaxation, prepping your skin to achieve a toned and flawless base.

Made out of cooling Zamac material, the 360˚ Roller cleverly provides a cooling sensation to the skin, boosting brightness and helping to depuff areas such as the under eyes. Use to prep the skin before applying our Ultimate Skin Serum. The soothing rolling motion will help distribute skincare products gently, allowing your complexion to glow from within.

1. After cleansing, on clean skin gently roll the 360˚ Roller along and under the jawline, across the temples and cheekbones and under the eye using outward strokes.

2. Follow with 1-2 pumps of ULTIMATE SKIN SERUM.

3. Finish by using the 360˚ Roller to massage the serum in to the skin.

For best results, use morning and evening and use with gentle moisturisers and serums.

‘Cooling sensation and it relaxes my muscles’ – Afshan, Slough
‘Very easy to use and effective on the skin’ – Holly, Walsall
‘This product helped skin look more radiant and fresh and reduced redness’ – Amanda, Winchburgh
‘I love the feel of the roller against the face. I make sure to use it every day’ – Diyanah, Cowdenbeath

*Based on a 4 -week user trial of 59 consumers aged 18-35.

Rinse with water and pat dry with a cloth, before and after use, for optimal hygiene.

HELPFUL HINT Our 360˚ Roller may need some tightening prior to first use and over time due to the screw mechanism. Simply twist the stem to the handle until there is no movement.

Aluminium & Zamac