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Pro Puff


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Girls, welcome to a new era in makeup application. A finishing brush with a difference, get your all-over glow on with the Pro Puff face and body brush.


Slotting perfectly into the palm of your hand, this oversized brush allows for effortless head-to-toe application. Designed to be used as an all-over face and body brush with any powder, from bronzer and highlighter to setting powder, the Pro Puff brush head comprises of thousands of velvety-soft bristles to give a flawless finish.


1. Spray our BRUSH CLEANSER onto the hairs of your brush.

2. Supporting the head of the brush, gently massage in circular motions onto a tissue or towel in the palm of your hand.

3. Keep cleaning the hairs until no more residue comes off on the towel. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.

4. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and it will be cleansed, conditioned and ready to use again.

If necessary, when finished, reshape the brush. We advise gently cleaning your brushes on an absorbent towel after use to preserve your brushes and avoid the build of product.



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