Get ready for a lash revolution! Whatever your eye shape, whatever the occasion, let your lashes do the talking.

Whether you prefer a subtle or dramatic look, we've you covered with our 8 sensational styles. Cruelty free and 100% Vegan, our lashes are all handmade using the finest high-quality, silk-like premium fibres.

Lash glue not included.

FLAUNT (Ultra-natural):

Kiss goodbye to your mascara with our ultra-natural set of false lashes. The Flaunt lashes add the perfect amount of definition, with a flick to elongate the eyes. You can't help but want to show them off!

FLAWLESS (Natural yet glam):

Flutter those Flawless lashes for that natural yet glamorous look. Designed to add height with longer lashes positioned at the centre of the eye, this lash set is super-lightweight yet makes an impact.  A 10/10 must-have for any collection.

FLIRTY (Feminine & fluttery):

Gurrrl, there are no words needed. Feminine and fluttery; one wink with these and heads will turn. Wispy in design, these lashes add height to give a full effect.

FABULOUS (Fluttery & lightweight):

Go glam with a full flick to elongate the eyes and embrace the extraordinary. This super fluttery and lightweight design gives a delicate appearance for a truly Fabulous impact.

FEARLESS (Criss-cross & multi-length):

This sultry combination of criss-cross and multi-length lashes appeals to that inner-sass and brings out your daring side. Designed with an outer flick, these lashes help achieve the illusion of a wider eye.

FIERY (Unleash the fire):

Unleash the fire with full drama. These extra full lashes are designed with clusters to create a seamlessly blended look that still makes a statement.  Wear with your best smokey eye to release that sass.

FOXY (Super wispy & long):

Super wispy, super long. Foxy lashes are your ultimate secret weapon to delve into your devious side. This design adds height and definition: an irresistible combination.

FIERCE (Wispy and clustered):

Hold all the power and release that diva within.  This unique design combines wispy and clustered lashes for added height and volume. This is the lash that brings all the drama.