It’s graced your Insta feeds for weeks but what is all of the fuss about? It might look beyond gorge on your dressing table (and your grid) but on top of all that, our facial mist, Prep-Set-Glow is a real miracle worker. Just think of it as glow in a bottle - jam-packed with a ton of complexion-rescuing ingredients. It might look too pretty to touch but here’s why it’s so worth it…


To get a true glow, you’ve got to go back to basics. With antioxidants to limit the production of free radicals and help reduce the signs of ageing, Vitamins E and A to hydrate, Chamomile to soothe and Caffeine to fight against dark circles, a few sprays before bed or first thing in the AM leaves skin glowing, plump and super hydrated.


Once you’ve got your makeup looking #flawless, it’s time to crank it up a notch. Available in two universal shades, Prep-Set-Glow does more than just keep your skin hydrated. Thanks to the formula’s light-reflecting properties, it will restore any glow lost from the application of foundation and powders.


Don’t put that bottle down just yet, Babe. Pop it in your bag and get ready to glow on the go. Whenever you feel like you need a boost of energy, a couple of sprays will instantly refresh any sad-looking complexion. And that’s not all. Perfect for the summer, Prep-Set-Glow can also act as an instant body refresher. Apply to to your legs, arms or décolletage to give a subtle bronzy sheen.